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14122 Belmont Road, Belmont, Ontario N0L 1B0

Phone: 519-644-1663 Fax: 519-644-0315 Toll Free: 1-800-565-3523

Tim Wade
519-644-1663 Ext: 236

Tim Wade

Paul Montgomery
519-644-1663 Ext: 224

Tim Wade

Jeff Wettlaufer
519-644-1663 Ext: 230

Tim Wade

Hamilton Ward & Cathers Insurance Services Ltd.


Address Phone Fax Toll Free
75 Talbot Street East
Aylmer, Ontario
N5H 1H3
226-667-4921 877-691-6770 1-800-263-1552
581 Talbot Street
St. Thomas, Ontario
N5P 1C5
226-667-4921 877-691-6770 1-800-263-1552
289 Bridge Street
Port Stanley, Ontario
N5L 1C2
226-667-4921 877-691-6770 1-800-263-1552
128 Broadway Street
Tillsonburg, Ontario
N4G 3P8
226-667-4921 877-691-6770 1-800-263-1552
1-9254 Plank Road
Straffordville, Ontario
N0J 1Y0
226-667-4921 877-691-6770 1-800-263-1552

Dorchester Insurance Services Ltd.


Address Phone Fax Toll Free
4101 Hamilton Road
Dorchester, Ontario
N0L 1G2
519-268-3535 519-268-3545 1-877-933-3535

May McConville Omni Insurance Brokers Ltd.


Address Phone Fax
1091 Talbot Street
St. Thomas, Ontario
N5P 1G4
519-633-6687 519-633-6606
300-685 Richmond Street
London, Ontario
N6A 5M1
519-673-0880 519-645-8764

Mike Beattie Insurance

Address Phone Fax Toll Free
2 - 633 Lions Park Drive Box 309
Mount Brydges, Ontario
N0L 1W0
519-264-1341 519-264-2797 1-888-264-1341

Preferred Insurance Group Ltd.


Address Phone Fax Toll Free
778 Wharncliffe Road South
London, Ontario
N6J 2N4
519-661-0200 519-661-0972 1-800-661-6669
254 Main Street
Glencoe, Ontario
N0L 1M0
519-287-2600 519-287-3975 1-800-661-6669
9-455 Grand Avenue East
Chatham, Ontario
N7L 1X4
519-352-4400 519-352-8800 1-800-661-6669

Our Directors have a broad background of expertise with rural roots. They live in the area the Company serves and can bring a variety of opinions and expertise to any discussion. One major advantage of insuring with your Mutual is that our policyholders have access to one of our Board of Directors, who is likely a member of your community!

Chair Tracy Wintermute
Past Chair Fred Neukamm
Vice Chair Doug Crockett
President Christine Van Daele
Director Paul Knill
Director Dan Boehm
Director Tom Grieve

Any person wishing to seek election or re-election as a Director must file his or her intention in writing with the Chair of the Nominating Committee, care of the Head Office of the Corporation, no later than December 31 in the year prior to the year of the meeting at which directors are to be elected. See Bylaw No. 1B, Section 20 for full explanation – Qualifications of Directors. The complete by-laws of the Company are available at the Corporate Head Office of the Company and may be examined by the Mutual Policyholders.”

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